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“The Art & Science of Labor Arbitration”

This documentary, produced by the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers for its Video History Project, is a compelling film focusing on distinguished arbitrators whose careers and contributions are landmarks in labor law policy, and in the resolution of industrial disputes. Featured - among others – are Arvid Anderson…Theodore St. Antoine…Frances Bairstow…Richard Bloch…Roberta Golick…James Harkless…George Nicolau…Arnold Zack…and narrator Alan Symonette. We hear their insights, anecdotes and advice, highlighting the challenges and successes of arbitration as it is - and was - practiced by giants of the profession. This unprecedented documentary was written, produced and directed by Carol Rosenbaum, winner of two Emmy awards, and was made possible by the generous donations of a number of College Fellows and a grant from the National Academy of Arbitrators' Research and Education Foundation.

“Working for American Workers”

"Working for American Workers" is a compelling documentary film featuring former Secretaries of Labor W. Willard Wirtz and W.J. (Bill) Usery. Through incisive interviews and dynamic archival footage, the film explores the careers and contrasting styles of both men. Their candor, insights and stories offer a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the challenges they faced during a turbulent time in American labor history – the 1960s and '70s. Willard Wirtz served as Secretary of Labor first for President Kennedy - and we hear a rare audio tape of the President inviting Mr. Wirtz to serve in that position. During his tenure Mr. Wirtz resolved many violent trade union strikes of the 1960s, and worked closely on race relations – as on all labor issues - with Walter Reuther, president of the UAW, and with George Meany, president of the AFL-CIO. But as President Johnson's Secretary of Labor, Mr. Wirtz deeply disagreed with the Vietnam War, and nearly resigned. Bill Usery's passion for helping American workers resolve disputes took him from machinist at Armstrong Cork Company in Macon, Georgia - to an appointment as U.S. Secretary of Labor. He was called the nation's super-mediator – approaching each labor dispute with enthusiasm, good humor, and unbounded ingenuity. He resolved hundreds of crippling conflicts: railroads... Mine Workers ... Longshoremen...Airline Pilots...independent truckers ... building and construction trades ...teachers unions. In a paralyzing postal workers strike – he won the union the landmark right to bargain collectively. A monumental feat. This documentary is a unique profile of two fascinating Secretaries of Labor – and of the way they changed forever the rights of American workers. To order copies of the full DVD, please contact the College directly.

The Art & Science of Labor Arbitration

The Art & Science of Labor Arbitration